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Play Valorant Challenge 2.0

​Please read following guide about our beta version. And login with your email address.


About Omnicoach

Our goal is to democratize esport coaching by enabling professional players and coaches to create their own AI coaching service. This results that every person who would like to improve in his/her game can access high-end coaching at a low cost.Omnicoach also helps esport teams and coaches connect brands with the gaming community in a very gamified way to make this sustainable for teams and coaches.

Thank you for playing Omnicoach Valorant Beta!


Omnicoach Team

How to play
Omnicoach Valorant Beta 2.0

1. Login with your Email Address

2. Upload Valorant Play Video

3. Check your results from MyGame lists

4. Create your highlight

5. Share your result on Twitter

6. Answer questionnaire and win gaming device and Red Bull

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