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About Omnicoach Beta

​Please read following guide about our beta version. And login with your email address.


About Omnicoach

Our goal is to democratize esport coaching by enabling professional players and coaches to create their own AI coaching service. This results that every person who would like to improve in his/her game can access high-end coaching at a low cost.Omnicoach also helps esport teams and coaches connect brands with the gaming community in a very gamified way to make this sustainable for teams and coaches.


Valolrant as first game

We wanted to provide a basic service for an FPS game, where the number of educational content and statistical tools is limited. Therefore, we chose Valorant. Besides, we plan to expand our service for additional battle royal FPS, MOBA games, etc.


Omnicoach & DeToNator

Omnicoach and DeToNator met in February 2020, and we agreed relatively soon that our joint purpose is to create a fully automated AI coach for the gaming community. After a year, we are now glad to release Valorant Beta. Of course, we don't stop here. As a next step, DeToNator coaches and players will teach Omnicoach AI, and hopefully, very soon, you can also see some training exercises and guides tailored to your own game.

Thank you for playing Omnicoach Valorant Beta!


Omnicoach Team

How to play
Omnicoach Valorant Beta

1. Login with your Email Address

2. Upload Valorant Play Video

3. Check your results from MyGame lists

4. Share your result on Twitter and win DTN gift!


1. How to record game screen with OBS

We have prepared a how-to guide on our website. Please read this document as an example for recording with OBS.


2. Upload your video and Check your result

Your videos will be listed in my game page. If you click the video, you can check your results by our Ai. For beta testing purpose only, one user can upload one video for now. For official services, we will increase the video upload limits.


3. Check your quest results

When you upload your video, our Ai system will also track the results of quests. For this beta test, you can win discount coupon for our partner, DETONATOR store.

クリスマスベルのフリーイラスト8 (1).png

4. Share your results from quest page

When you are done with quests, you can click Twitter button to share your results. Our partner, DeToNator will pick total 5 winners to send DeToNator Goods as gift. This twitter share campaign is valid until April 14th.

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